Keeping Your Home and Ways to Avoid Foreclosure

If you need help making payments or managing your mortgage, we are here to help. At OWF our team of dedicated servicing professionals are here to work with you and develop a plan. Provide us a little information about your hardship by submitting a Mortgage Payment Relief request. Learn more:

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To find a certified housing counseling agency, call:

– Washington State Department of Financial Institution’s Foreclosure Hotline: 877.894.HOME (4663) or visit their website.

– US Department of Housing and Urban Development: 800.569.4287 or visit their website.

– Washington statewide civil legal aid hotline for assistance and referrals to other housing counselors and attorneys: 800-606-4819 or visit their website

Contact information for the housing finance authority in Washington, Idaho and Oregon:

Washington State Housing Finance Commission

1000 Second Avenue, Suite 2700

Seattle, WA 98104

206.464.7139 or 800.767.4663


Idaho Housing and Finance Association

565 W. Myrtle Street

Boise, ID 83702

208.331.4700 or 855.505.4700 ext 8601


Oregon Housing and Community Services 

725 Summer Street NE, Suite B

Salem, OR 97301-1266



Helpful Information

Annual Tax Reporting

At the beginning of every year, we’ll be sending you important tax related information on your interest payments from the previous year. If you haven’t received your 1098 and 1099 IRS form (as applicable) by mid-February, please contact us immediately so we can reissue your statements. We are required by law to send this information to you as well as the IRS.

Our Approach

If your mortgage payment includes an impound or escrow reserve account, we manage extra funds to pay property taxes, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and/or hazard insurance premiums for you. Because these bills can fluctuate, we monitor them throughout the year and perform an annual account analysis to make sure that you’ll have enough money in your impound or escrow account to cover them. Sometimes a payment adjustment is necessary to offset any increase or decrease in premium costs. We hope you’ll never need it, but if you ever have to file a claim with your insurance company for damage or loss, we’ll work with you to coordinate disbursement of funds and to ensure that your property is properly restored to an acceptable condition. Please be sure to notify us if you file a claim for loss or damage or if you change insurance companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make Bi-Weekly Payments and Pay Off My Mortgage Faster?

For most loans, making two half payments each month wont accelerate your mortgage loan payoff any faster than one full payment. Only mortgages that are closed as true bi-weekly mortgages benefit from making a payment every 14 days. You can, however, accelerate your mortgage loan payoff by making an extra half payment every six months or an extra full payment one a year.


When Can My PMI Coverage Be Dropped?

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is typically required to be in effect until your loan balance reaches a certain loan-to-value (LTV) percentage based upon the sale price or appraised value of the home. Depending on the property type, this can be anywhere from 60-80% LTV. Since there are various terms and conditions that may apply, be sure to review your final PMI disclosure for specific information about your particular mortgage.


Can I Make An Extra Principal-Only Payment?

Yes! Please call us at 800-893-7824 or e-mail us at and one of our Servicing Specialists will be happy to help.


Does OWF Sell My Loan and Personal Information To Third-Party Solicitors?

Absolutely not. We respect your privacy and do not sell or provide your loan information to any outside company or enterprise for solicitation purposes. However, real estate information is a matter of public record, so you may receive solicitations from companies referencing your new mortgage loan.


Can I Change The Monthly Due Date Of My Mortgage?

Your actual due date cannot be changed once your loan is closed. However, in many cases you can set up a payment date different from your due date (subject to any grace period and late fees as applicable).

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